DreamInn Dubai Top Picks

DreamInn Dubai Top Picks | Contemporary Art & Culture Over the past decade, the UAE has seen an exponential growth in the creative field owing to the ever growing artistically inclined talent pool - local and otherwise. This has led to the emergence of now globally renowned spaces that are markers of cultural development in the region. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a unique side of the UAE; once only associated with shopping and exotic desert locations, the region now gives visitors the opportunity to expand their creative horizons.

A hotel or a home?

A hotel or a home? Take your pick. The idea of a vacation is always exciting, whether you’re looking for a relaxed getaway or an action-packed week to explore new city. The one dilemma that holiday-goers inevitably face is, of course, the one about accommodation; the decision that could potentially make or break the vacation you’ve spent months trying to plan down to the smallest details. With so many options available today, taking the final call on where you stay can be difficult. However, the

Your Dream Trip

HOW TO TURN YOUR NEXT BUSINESS TRIP ON ITS HEAD   In today’s world there’s a very thin line that divides professional and private life. And it’s only getting thinner with every passing day. More and more business travellers, especially on long business trips are finding merit in renting an apartment for the duration of their stay rather than checking into a hotel room. The reasons for this are not hard to understand, as Dream Inn tells you why.   Feel pampered every minute of your stay   When you