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Fujairah is the seventh-largest city in UAE, located on the Gulf of Oman (part of the Indian Ocean). It is the only Emirati capital city on the UAE's east coast. The city of Fujairah is an industrial and commercial hub located on the east coast of the Indian Ocean that sits at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains.

The restored Fujairah Fort and the nearby Fujairah Museum are located in Fujairah City.[8] Fujairah Heritage Village, near Madhab Spring Park, preserves some of the emirate's past.The main mosque is the large white Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the second largest in the UAE and a landmark that is visible from many locations in the centre of the city.It can hold around 28,000 worshippers.

The Fujairah Museum opened its doors in 1991 and is home to archeological exhibits discovered in various parts of the emirate. Some of the exhibits date back to the sixth millennium BC while others are from Islamic rule of the city's more modern history. They include pottery, jewelry, and spearheads. The most famous item at the museum is an Ostrich egg that dates back to 2,500 BC.

View on Fujairah Beach looking out to sea

On the seafront are Fujairah Corniche and Fujairah International Marine Club on Al Corniche Road.[8] There is also bullfighting on Friday afternoons. To the north is Fujairah Beach on Al Faseel Road.

The bullfighting held in Fujairah City is a significant public event. It does not include matadors like the Spanish form of bullfighting and does not kill the animals. It consists of two bulls locking horns, which can result in injuries. Families and betting to attend the events is not allowed.

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